Health is our greatest asset

This must be maintained or restored should an illness or ailment occur. In the state-recognized saltwater spa Bad Sulza you will find the ideal conditions, both for maintaining your health and for recovery.

People have been giving birth in Bad Sulza since the beginning of the 19th century. The local brine springs were gradually used not only for salt production but also for health purposes. The first brine bath was founded in 1847, probably on the advice of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who visited the town in 1828. The first private bathing establishments gradually emerged, initially often in the bathtubs of the Sulza residents. The brine for this was transported to the houses by horse-drawn carts.

Today, Bad Sulza is a modern spa town. Two rehabilitation clinics with different focuses look after rehabilitation patients, guests and health-conscious people. Bad Sulza has been regularly recognized as a TOP health resort for several years now!

Louise graduation house – a treat for the respiratory tract

Clean air enriched with salt droplets – inhale and breathe deeply while doing something for your respiratory tract – that’s a brief description of the benefits of the “Louise” graduation house with its adjoining inhalation and nebulization hall.
Or to put it in more objective terms, the balneological report states that every brine spring that is to be used for medical purposes requires this:
“One of the main indications for brine are non-specific catarrhs of the airways…” – in the vernacular: coughs, colds, hoarseness…
“The effect can be altered by varying the temperature, strength, composition and duration of treatment.” The inhalation and nebulizer hall, for example, has a brine concentration of 2%, while the walkway with the brushwood walls has a brine concentration of up to 19%. The intensity of the aerosol varies depending on how close they get to the blackthorn. You determine the length of stay yourself. The rule of thumb is: as long as it is good for you. Your doctor may also have prescribed a certain period of use.
Regular guests swear by a visit!

Contact and opening hours:
Louise” graduation tower
At the graduation house 3
99518 Bad Sulza
Tel: 036461 8210 or 036461 20254

Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 10am-12pm & 1pm-4pm

Due to a technical defect, the graduation house with atomizer hall is temporarily closed. We ask for your understanding!

Drinking cure

Drinking cures have been administered in Bad Sulza for more than 150 years. They have proved particularly effective in the supportive treatment of metabolic diseases and gastrointestinal disorders. In the past, spa doctors sometimes prescribed their patients a liter of pure brine on an empty stomach, with resounding success.

Today you can enjoy the brine in diluted form in the Bad Sulza drinking hall. The brine from the Carl-Alexander-Sophien spring, which is used here, has been proven to contain health-promoting substances. Regular checks guarantee continuous quality.

The following drinking recommendation applies:
A total amount of between 300 ml and 1400 ml of brine per day is recommended. This should be drunk in three portions with the main meals. Sulza brine can provide relief, especially for patients with functional gastrointestinal disorders and chronic recurrent gastrointestinal disorders associated with food intake.

The drinking hall in the Kurpark is open: April to November daily from 10 am to 4 pm, December to March 10 am to 3 pm You will find drinking cups on site.

Your way to the spa in Bad Sulza

Step 1: Talk to your doctor
Your doctor knows your state of health best and can assess whether you meet the medical requirements for a preventive or rehabilitation measure. Depending on your state of health, he can also advise you whether an inpatient or outpatient stay would be more appropriate.
By the way: every person with statutory health insurance is entitled to a cure if it is medically necessary. An outpatient cure can be applied for every three years, an inpatient cure every four years.

Step 2: Fill in the spa application form
You fill this out together with your doctor, who will explain the medical requirements of the preventive care or rehabilitation measure as comprehensively as possible. Please send the completed application form to the cost bearer responsible for you.
And don’t forget: you can already enter BAD SULZA as your preferred spa resort in your application.

Step 3: Examination of your application
Your application for a cure will now be examined by the medical service, a contract doctor or an official doctor. Ideally, you will then receive your approval from the responsible cost unit.
Important: If your application is rejected, please submit an objection. It is advisable to formulate this together with your doctor and give detailed reasons. An objection is often successful. Your health will thank you for it.

…and then it starts – once you have been accepted, you have four months to start your cure. See you at the saltwater spa Bad Sulza!

By the way: since July 2021, the “open spa cure”, i.e. the outpatient preventive measure according to §23 para. 2, SGB V, is again a compulsory benefit of the health insurance fund. Talk to your family doctor about Form 25 today.

Spa doctor

…don’t worry, a spa doctor won’t accompany you to the baths or thermal baths to give you tips on how to splash around properly. This is because BADEarzt is not derived from bathing per se, but from the status of the place, i.e. there is a spa doctor in a spa. He will prescribe the most effective and necessary local spa treatments and applications for you based on the spa treatment plan he has put together. This is because the spa doctor, also known as a balneologist, is familiar with precisely this remedy and its effects, practices on site and has completed additional specialist training in the field of balneology.
There are two spa doctors in Bad Sulza. So if you are planning an outpatient spa treatment, make an appointment with:

Dr. med. Lydia Langer-Hälke
Untere Marktstr. 15
99518 Bad Sulza
Tel: 036461 20337

Dr. med. Matthias Starrach
Kirchstr. 52
99518 Bad Sulza
Tel: 036461 20282

Sophienklinik Bad Sulza – “Healing water – healing word”

Founded in 1883, the Sophienklinik is one of the oldest spa clinics in Thuringia. Its name goes back to Grand Duchess Sophie, who took over the protectorate of the children’s spa in 1890. It used Grand Ducal funds to finance a building that still exists and is still in use. Over the years, the clinic has gone through many ups and downs. Today, it presents itself as a modern rehabilitation and preventive care clinic in the heart of Bad Sulza, located directly next to the spa gardens.

Today, the Sophienklinik Bad Sulza is a rehabilitation clinic for orthopaedic, internal, pediatric and psychosomatic illnesses and offers a wide range of therapy options from conventional medicine and naturopathy. In addition to the classic services of follow-up treatment, medical rehabilitation, prevention and private or outpatient spa treatments, guests and vacationers can also stay overnight in the Sophienklinik’s guesthouse.

The Christian-run facility attaches great importance to first-class medical care combined with a family atmosphere and numerous cultural, creative and pastoral activities.

Sophienklinik Bad Sulza
Sophienstr. 25
99518 Bad Sulza

Tel: 036461 970

Klinikzentrum Bad Sulza – “Happiness and health”

The Bad Sulza Clinic Center emerged from the most modern rehabilitation clinic in the GDR in 1993. Today, the clinic center is a multidisciplinary rehabilitation clinic specializing in the treatment of respiratory diseases as well as diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
The claim of the Klinikzentrum Bad Sulzas is the consideration of the human being in its entirety. Specialists from other departments are also consulted if this serves the rehabilitation patient’s recovery. Thanks to this multidisciplinary approach, patients receive adequate and symptom-oriented treatment and achieve the best possible treatment results with the optimum conditions for returning to work or a self-determined everyday life.
In addition to inpatient and all-day outpatient rehabilitation measures, Klinikzentrum Bad Sulza also offers follow-up treatment and health programs for self-paying patients.
The Bad Sulza Clinic Center is integrated into the overall complex around the world-famous Toskana Therme with Liquid Sound ® Temple, embedded in an extensive park. Rehabilitation patients also have the option of using the world-famous Toskana Therme with the Liquid Sound Temple during their stay.

Clinic Center Bad Sulza GmbH
Rudolf-Gröschner-Straße 11
99518 Bad Sulza
Phone: 03 64 61-90
Fax: 03 64 61-92013

Toskana Therme with sauna world and Liquid Sound®

Bathing with all your senses – this is exactly what you can do at the Toskana Therme in Bad Sulza. Here, the thermal brine of the Johann Agricola spring is combined with an enchanting play of color and light and sometimes mystical, sometimes spherical or simply relaxing sounds.
The Toskana Therme consists of a 3,000 square meter spa landscape with 11 pools and whirlpools. Some are saltwater whirlpools, some are outside and are heated. Generous relaxation zones on three floors, a sun terrace and outdoor sunbathing lawns offer plenty of space.
The highlight is the Liquid Sound® Temple – the concert hall filled with water. The concept of listening to underwater music was presented to the world for the first time in Bad Sulza. Inventor Micky Remann was once inspired by whale songs, which, according to the laws of physics, travel faster under water than on land via sound waves. This principle is now applied in the Liquid Sound ® Temple. Floating in body-warm thermal brine is a wonderful way to escape from everyday life.
The Toskana Therme and Liquid Sound ® offer is perfectly complemented by the sauna world. Various saunas with temperatures between 45° C and 90° C with different themes await you.

Contact and opening hours
Toskana Therme Bad Sulza
Wunderwaldstrasse 2a
99518 Bad Sulza
Phone: 036461 91810
Sun – Fri 10 am – 10 pm
Sat 10 a.m. – 11 p.m.
to the Liquid Sound Club until 11 pm

Wellness Park Bad Sulza

Lean back and enjoy a relaxing stay at the Bad Sulza wellness park. Classic massages, beauty treatments, wellness treatments or the special experience of Liquid Bodywork©, floating weightlessly in the water on your hands. The wellness park offers numerous programs and packages for body, mind and soul – whether it’s a whole day of pampering or just a little break in between. By the way: gentlemen are also very welcome.

Contact and opening hours
Wellness Park Bad Sulza
Wunderwaldstrasse 2a
99518 Bad Sulza
Phone: 036461 91820

Daily from 09:00 to 18:00
Daily from 10:00 to 18:00