Wine town Bad Sulza

An untouched landscape with vineyards, steep terraces, centuries-old dry stone walls, romantic vineyard cottages and picturesque river valleys characterize the Saale-Unstrut quality wine-growing region, which covers around 768 hectares.

Bad Sulza is the gateway to Germany’s northernmost quality wine-growing region. The area is located at 51 degrees north latitude – “close to the Arctic Circle”, as mockers like to say. However, nature provides the region with extended growing seasons. In addition to the shell limestone soils, which store the warmth of the sun particularly well and also give the wine a very special note and taste, a balanced mix of warmth and coolness also ensures delicate and lively wines.

Even though there is evidence that Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once studied the brine deposits and their use here, nothing is known about whether he enjoyed a glass of the local wine in Bad Sulza at a late or early hour during his stay with us. It is doubtful that his world-famous quote: “Life is too short to drink bad wine” could have been made in connection with Thuringian wine – at least when one considers the quality of the wines of today.

Bad Sulza lives from, with and for wine – and you can see this on every corner. Be it quite obviously at the Thuringian Wine Gate, at the “Old Grape Varieties” show vineyard at the tourist information office or a little more hidden with a view that you can catch of the old town vineyards if you look between the rows of houses. Of course, we also celebrate wine – Bad Sulzaer Weinfrühling, Thuringian Wine Festival, Federweißerfest, Open Wine Cellar Days,… Guests are always welcome!


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Wine hiking all inclusive

Hiking and wine tasting at the same time? This is now possible on the Bad Sulza wine trail. Scan, listen, savour wine and learn interesting facts about the region.

All you need is your wine hiking rucksack “Weinwandern Bad Sulza”.

Don’t have one yet? You can get one for 25.00 euros including 3 Thuringian wines, a snack, quiver, wine glass and route planner at the Bad Sulza Tourist Information Centre in the Kurpark. (The version for 2 people is available for 30.00 euros)

Start at the Thuringian Wine Gate in Bad Sulza on the 5 km long hiking route. Savour delicious Thuringian wine from your wine hiking rucksack at 3 stops, listen to the digital wine tasting on your smartphone and learn interesting facts about the fine wine in a glass. You can also visit the “Louise” graduation house and the Thuringian winery in Bad Sulza along the route.

Feel free to share your snapshots of the tour with us on Facebook or Instagram at @badsulzatourismus

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We are delighted to present our latest brine product from Bad Sulza!

The Bad Sulza table water with a splash of brine from the Carl-Alexander Sophienquelle spring is now available from the Tourist Information Centre in Bad Sulza.

History of viticulture in Bad Sulza

Bad Sulza’s wine tradition is a testament to over 800 years of taste. There is evidence that viticulture has been practiced here since 1195. A document from this year testifies that the abbess of Quedlinburg acquired a vineyard in the village. It was a constant up and down and the winegrowers had more or less success over the centuries. In the 16th century, there were over 60 vineyards in Sulza and in the Ratskeller alone, the Salzkärrner – carters who transported evaporated salt – drank more than 34,000 liters of wine. The Thirty Years’ War in turn has a negative impact on viticulture. And the improvement of beer later led to wine growing losing some of its importance. Winegrowers had to cope with the most severe setback in the mid to late 19th century when phylloxera, introduced from the USA, destroyed almost all the vines.

Although there was a tentative revival at the beginning to middle of the 20th century, it was more a case of amateur viticulture. In 1954, for example, vines were still being grown on just 3 hectares in Thuringia, i.e. on just over four football pitches.

It was only after the end of the GDR that viticulture in Thuringia began to pick up again. The first Thuringian winery was founded in 1992 and the 1st Bad Sulza Wine Festival took place in 1993.

Today, Bad Sulza is one of the wine strongholds of the Saale-Unstrut region.

The Thuringian Wine Festival

The Thuringian Wine Festival has become as much a part of Bad Sulza as the cork in the bottle. So it is hardly surprising that for more than 25 years, thousands of visitors have been coming to Bad Sulza every year on the 3rd weekend in August to enjoy the delicious grape juice of the Saale-Unstrut wine-growing region at Thuringia’s largest wine festival.

For some years now, we have invited a guest winemaker from a wine-growing region. Our former wine princess Annett came up with the idea. She had married into “wine country” – to a winery in the Palatinate wine-growing region. Every year, winegrowers from the most diverse growing regions take turns. Friday evening marks the start of a busy, wine-loving weekend with a parade, market, wine hike, stage program and, of course, the crowning of a new Thuringian wine princess on Sunday afternoon.

Impressions and impressions

Things to know about the Thuringian Wine Festival


The first Bad Sulza wine festival from 21. – August 22, 1993

It all began with this letter, which was sent to the city council by Klaus Kullack, the operator of a wine shop, at the beginning of June 1993. No sooner said than done. Visitors were enthusiastic right from the start and from then on the Thuringian Wine Festival was always held on the 3rd weekend in August.

Immediately after the political change, Bad Sulza returned to its tradition as a wine town. Various feasibility studies and analyses were carried out, and applications were made for subsidies and vine rights. Gradually, viticulture progressed in the village.

At the same time, someone also took the step of opening a wine shop in Bad Sulza. Klaus Kullack was not only courageous, but also an optimist and he knew that the people of Bad Sulza are a sociable bunch. The idea of a wine festival on Bad Sulza’s market square was born because wine is particularly good for socializing. Even though wine from Thuringia had to be avoided at the beginning, as it was simply not yet available, the wine festival was nevertheless a great success. Mr. Kullack, dressed as Bacchus, looked just like the god of wine due to his imposing stature. Perhaps that is why the beginnings of the wine festival were so successful.

The letter from Klaus Kullack to the mayor of the
Bad Sulza marks the beginning of the traditional
Thuringian Wine Festival

Bad Sulza Wine Spring

When: always on the Saturday after Ascension Day, from 11 am at the Thuringian Wine Gate
Organizer: Thüringer Weinbauverein Bad Sulza e.V.
Location: Bad Sulza urban area

It has now become a very nice tradition to celebrate the long-awaited spring and the growth and prosperity of the vineyards together with a glass of wine.
The Thüringer Weinbauverein e.V. is inviting visitors for the 15th time under the motto “Hiking to wine”. 16 wine stations of local winegrowers and hobby winegrowers are spread all over Bad Sulza. Get into conversation with the winegrowers, learn interesting facts about winegrowing, discover the Bad Sulza wine cellars and vineyards – many of which are otherwise not freely accessible.

Hike from 11:30 a.m. with expert guides from wine station to wine station, starting at the Thuringian Wine Gate, where our Thuringian Wine Princess Kateryna I will officially open the 15th Bad Sulza Wine Spring together with her counterparts from the Saale-Unstrut wine-growing region. Of course, you can also explore Bad Sulza and the surrounding area individually and enjoy the day and the fine wines at the wine stations.

Traditional Federweißer festival

When: always on the last weekend in September
Organizer: Thüringer Weingut Bad Sulza
Location: in the winery courtyard of the Thuringian winery Bad Sulzas in Sonnendorf

The Clauß winegrowing family awaits guests and visitors with homemade onion tart, Federweißer and excellent Thuringian wines. Of course, our Thuringian wine princess also pays a visit. Get to know the Thuringian winery “behind the scenes” on a guided tour of the winery. Other interesting and entertaining program items and of course live music await you.

Thuringian vineyard festival

When: always on the 1st weekend in September
Organizer: Municipality of Großheringen
Location: Thuringian winery Zahn in Kaatschen

The festival for young and old with music, good food and excellent wines in the Kaatschener Dachsberg. Highlights are the vineyard tasting, the vineyard tour and the traditional butter race.

Our former Thuringian wine princesses

Since the first wine festival in 1993, almost 30 Thuringian wine princesses have worn a crown and presented Thuringian wine and the wine town of Bad Sulza at numerous events during their term of office.

Many of them have remained loyal to wine in one way or another, some have even become regional wine queens of the Saale-Unstrut wine-growing region and quite a few come to the Thuringian Wine Festival every year and are part of the Saturday parade.